Supervision is a very important component for everyone performing in the caring professions, indeed over the past 30 yrs supervision has develop into a central part of the repertoire for most of the caring professions.

We have witnessed supervision become a central pressure in the spots of counselling, nursing, police, osteopathy, psychotherapy, probation officers, occupational therapists and social personnel.

My thesis is that supervision is a pre-requisite for the development of reflexology as a caring occupation in the 21st century.

What then is supervision? And why is it so essential?

Supervision in alone is a area where the Reflexologist can really convey on their own and their people situations for reflection, consideration, and guidance in the quest for informing their expertise in the support of the wellbeing of their purchasers.

Supervision should really be a safe, safe put the place the Reflexologist can, if they wish, share all their frustrations, anxieties and victories with one more seasoned expert who will be aspect of a non-judgmental and private marriage.

There are numerous tasks for the reflexology supervisor which I have outlined beneath.

For starters, and most importantly the supervisory connection will have as a central tenant the thought of Confidentiality. This will indicate that the Reflexologist can provide their scenarios to focus on, to reflect on, in an arena of safety and stability.

Secondly, it is the job of the supervisor to act as an Educator and Mentor where they will be capable to pass on and tell the Reflexologist of new styles and strategies that are pertinent to their job. Of training course they will also be able to share and talk about their have methodology and apply.

Thirdly, the arena of supervision will offer a Reflective house for any anxieties, doubts and uncertainties that the supervisee could want to take into account an reflect on with an knowledgeable other skilled.

Fourthly, one particular of the significant tasks for any supervisor is the Gate-retaining perform. This is the place the supervisor will retain abreast and monitor the administrative, ethical, and several most up-to-date organisational developments that may possibly affect and be crucial to the supervisee in and ever rising sophisticated and busy globe.

Often we “do not know” what we “really don’t know”, we may well have to have some info piece or some most current documentation which we were not informed of or even existed in the first location.

Fifthly, the closing undertaking for a supervisor to bear in thoughts is to present a “counselling” purpose.

This does not suggest in depth counselling, this simply implies there may well occur within just the supervisory partnership the need to have for the supervisor to give some “on the location” counselling, in phrases of decreasing nervousness so that the supervisee will be far more grounded to aid case session.

The higher than are some of the tasks I see for the supervisor in just the supervisory marriage.

Potentially just one of the central concerns is who can supervise and what are the necessary skills for that place?

Due to the infancy of supervision in the Reflexology area, there is at existing a scarcity of supervisors, if any!

What I propose is that practical experience Reflexologists in the organisation, who might wish to be supervisors, and who may desire to move on their wisdom and practical experience, go to the rising selection of short and extended courses which are now starting to be offered to them in the location of supervision, this then will consequence in a greater supply of supervisors in the medium expression.

At existing we have an “Apprentice” fashion of mentoring in the reflexology discipline. This is in which the “Elders” of the group who are a lot more skilled by way of time and continuity give “casual” supervision. Their only qualification is that they have carried out the work of a successful Reflexologist down the many years.

This is great in numerous approaches, although what I propose now as we face up to the professionalization of the reflexology entire world is to make “Supervision” a willpower in its personal rights in the provider of producing and offering a more skilled Reflexologist for the modern earth.


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