Regrettably, divorce is not often a clear-cut enterprise. The way divorce is portrayed on tv and in flicks is not the most accurate, and has perpetrated some misconceptions about the procedure and its outcomes.

Opposite to what the information, Television set dramas, and flicks convey to us:

Some other widespread misconceptions about divorce involve:
Divorce Myth: I am entitled to and will be awarded alimony payments, probably for the rest of my life.
Truth: Most cases do not award alimony payments to both wife or husband, specially not on a permanent foundation. Some states will award a wife or husband with temporary alimony payments if the decide determines the requirement to do so.

Divorce Fantasy: I will be in a position to earn a lot more than 50% of the marital home very easily in my divorce.
Simple fact: Most states divide marital residence and belongings 50/50 between both of those spouses, besides in exceptional circumstances involving abuse (spousal or kid), or large disparities in cash flow introduced in by every single husband or wife. Evidence should be delivered and the division of the residence is up to the court.

Divorce Myth: I acquired assets or a auto beneath my name although I was married, so thus that house belongs solely to me.
Point: A lot of states, like Texas, apply “neighborhood house” law to divorce. This suggests that any cash gained or any home attained (and any personal debt accrued) is the joint property of each spouses, no matter of whose title is on the possession papers. Check out with an legal professional to uncover out about the regulations concerning property for your condition.

Divorce Fantasy: If my partner commits adultery, I will be awarded all the things in the divorce settlement.
Reality: It may well seem to be very unfair if you are the sufferer in an adultery case, but your husband or wife is even now entitled to their share of your marital property. It is up to the court’s discretion or the settlement arrangement you, your partner and your lawyers get to what percentage of property and house you are really awarded. Adultery does not assure you will get all or most of your joint assets.


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