Have you ever wondered how come the state can take someone’s children away, or dictate how they are looked after medically, how they are raised (no slapping) and how they are educated? How can they give children ritalin or other mind altering drugs in school? After all, they are your children aren’t they? Or are they?

When you signed their birth certificate or any other document to register their birth and name, you effectively signed over the rights to your children to the state. They thus became the property of the state. And it is very likely your parents did the same with you. https://solentfamilymediation.co.uk/children-first/

This all is part of an enormous deception that have been played upon us, the people, for a very long time by the powers that be. The same goes for your car or house or anything you have registered, like your business. And do you know what is the worst part of it? You volunteered to give these rights up! Trough deception and bullying you were lead to believe that you had no choice, when in fact there is no law that can force to sign anything. They used to law to make it seem like you had to but that is all part of the deception. If you are forced to sign something under threat or duress, and express this when you sign, that agreement becomes null and void.

If a policeman tells you that you must sign something and acts threateningly, write “under force and duress” before you sign your name. If you wait till after it might be snatched away from you.

You have been tricked to believe that they stand above you when it comes to the law. That they have authority over you. But any authority they have, is the authority you granted them. Do not forget the old maxim: “we are all equal before the law”.

Well that still stands. The fact is that you are actually senior to the government – because you are a living thinking flesh and blood being, which a government is not. The government is just an idea expressed on paper – a kind of corporation, all be it a large one. It itself does not exist in the real universe as such – the employees, offices of it does, but the government itself don’t. You can sign an agreement – the government can’t. How can a legal entity hold a pen?? Only another living human being authorized to sign for the government can. And that person is equal to you, in the eyes of the law.

Man can create a government. A government cannot create a man. How can the creator be junior to the creation. Only a madman would allow that.

So if our government has become a monster, it is because we, the people, allowed it to. We signed away our lives and our rights.

There is also good news however. Because they did all this deceitfully, it can be made null and void. There are people around that have found out things about the laws and legal system that is greatly to the benefit of the people. Some have even elected to not be governed or be part of the political system, and thus have freed themselves from all statutory law, and as long as they do not break the peace or cause harm, loss or damage, cannot be subject to interference by police or the justice system.

Would you like to pay less or no tax? Would you like to mind your own business without some government busybody telling you it’s not allowed? Would you like to raise or educate your children as you see fit?

This is within our reach today.

I hope I have opened your eyes to some degree, and that you will continue to travel down this road.

Kent Bengtsson